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Horseback riding @ Bar Lazy J

Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch

Parshall, Colorado

Bar Lazy J Guest Ranch is nestled in a peaceful valley along the banks of the Colorado River and is considered the oldest continuously operating Colorado dude ranch. Since 1912 our family-friendly ranch has been welcoming guests for recreation and relaxation. That's over 100 years of sharing lasting memories!

  • Open: June - Sept

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DIA)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: approx 40

C Lazy U Ranch - Horseback riding & cabins

Horseback riding & cabins @ C Lazy U

C Lazy U Ranch

Granby, Colorado

No matter if you’re a family of city slickers or seasoned horseback riders, a Colorado vacation at one of the country’s most celebrated, historic dude ranches is an experience that brings the whole family together. C Lazy U, an all-inclusive, year-round guest ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offers high-class amenities and down-home experiences including: Luxury cabins; Gourmet meals; Daily trail horseback rides; & Outdoor activities to enjoy all year round.

  • Open: Year Round

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DIA)

  • Min Stay: 7 Nights (Summer); 2 Nights Sept-Apr

  • Capacity: 100+

Views from horseback riding @ Drowsy Water

Drowsy Water Ranch

Granby, Colorado

For over 90 years this 700 acre family guest ranch has provided folks from around the world with authentic western ranch vacations. Nestled in its own private mountain valley in Granby, Colorado, Drowsy Water Ranch promises the opportunity to disconnect from your daily hustle and bustle, and reconnect with family and friends under the backdrop of big mountains and starry skies. Under the same ownership/management since 1977, The Fosha’s have developed a world-renowned reputation for unpretentious quality.

  • Open: May - Sept

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DIA)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: 55

Vista Verde Lodge

The lodge at Vista Verde Ranch in Steamboat.

Vista Verde Ranch

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The Vista Verde luxury ranch vacation experience has been molded based on what we would want to enjoy ourselves on a Colorado ranch vacation. Then, we have incorporated the good ideas of our guests over the years to continually tailor and tune. And while luxury makes itself evident with the quality of the experience, the amenities of a premier resort, and the attention to detail for which we are recognized, we maintain the relaxed, casual atmosphere of a Western ranch. Said another way, we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have a good time and we think you will, too.

  • Open: Dec - March; June - Oct

  • Nearby Airport: Yampa Valley (HDN)

  • Min Stay: 3 Nights (Winter) ~ 7 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: 52

Horseback views at Rainbow Trout

Horseback riding views @ Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout Ranch

Antonito, Colorado

Imagine you could simply turn back the hands of time and transport yourself back to an era of living spontaneously and at one with the land, all the while exploring new frontiers with nary a care in the world. Well, now you can. Deep in the heart of the old Wild West, where legends the likes of none other than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid whiled away the hours and roamed the rugged backcountry scheming out their next great daring capers, Rainbow Trout Ranch offers up an exhilarating and memorable riding adventure of a lifetime.

  • Open: June - Sept

  • Nearby Airport: Albuquerque International (ABQ)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (May-Aug) ~ 4 Nights (Aug-Sept)

  • Capacity: 55

Horseback views at Rainbow Trout

The lodge at Colorado Trails

Colorado Trails Guest Ranch

Durango, Colorado

At Colorado Trails Ranch, you’ll discover what mountain getaways are all about. Stay during June-October and enjoy a variety of true ranch experiences, fresh cuisine and adventure that’s enjoyable for anyone, at any age. Surrounded by gorgeous mountains, your family will find it easy to reconnect with each other, and yourselves.

  • Open: June - Oct

  • Nearby Airport: Durango–La Plata (DRO)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: 50

Horseback riding views @ Latigo

Latigo Ranch

Kremmling, Colorado

An all-inclusive vacation featuring the hospitality of a family owned & operated ranch. Situated on a mountainside with views reaching 75 miles to the Continental Divide, Latigo Ranch offers over 200 miles of horseback riding trails throughout 40,000 acres of National Forest. If eating is your forte, we deliver. All-inclusive gourmet contemporary cuisine will delight your taste buds throughout the week.

  • Open: June - Sept; Dec - March

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DIA)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (Summer); 3 nights (Winter)

  • Capacity: 30

Horseback riding @ Music Meadows

Music Meadows Ranch

Westcliffe, Colorado

A Real Experience on True Working Ranch. Our passions are ranching, horses, and people. We are also a smaller operation than most guest ranches. This allows us to offer the personal attention to each guest and expertise that makes the difference. We will dig deep with you and take you into the depths of True Horsemanship and Real Ranching 101. This is a rare opportunity to work alongside real ranchers to learn how we are keeping our heritage alive and evolving.

  • Open: Year Round

  • Nearby Airport: Colorado Springs (COS)

  • Min Stay: 5 Nights

  • Capacity: 4-8

Horseback riding @ BMR

Black Mountain Ranch

McCoy, Colorado

We offer weeklong, all-inclusive vacations for those who want adventurous (but safe), authentic, western-style experiences at one of the best dude ranches in Colorado. We are a family run Colorado dude ranch and design custom trips for families, adults, honeymoons, or family reunions. If you’re looking for a trip West for your next vacation, you have found it at Black Mountain Ranch!

  • Open: June - Sept

  • Nearby Airport: Vail / Eagle County (EGE)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: 40

Tumbling River Ranch - Colorado

Entrance to Rawah Ranch

Rawah Ranch

Glendevey, Colorado

Experience Colorado’s finest at Rawah Guest Ranch—an authentic, all-American western luxury guest ranch and fly fishing lodge nestled in Northern Colorado’s spectacular Laramie River Valley. Join us for an unforgettable vacation, where we hope you’ll arrive as guests and leave as family. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

  • Open: June - Oct

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DEN)

  • Min Stay: 3 Nights (Summer)

  • Capacity: 30

Cherokee Park Ranch - Colorado

Views at Cherokee Park Ranch in Colorado

Cherokee Park Ranch

Livermore, Colorado

Warmly welcoming guests since 1886, Cherokee Park Ranch is a family-owned, all-inclusive Colorado dude ranch vacation and horseback riding destination nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Livermore, Colorado. Join us for your next family vacation, guys’ or gals’ getaway, family reunion, grandparents’ retreat or honeymoon. We always say, “Come as stranger, leave as family,” and we promise that as a guest, Cherokee Park Ranch will forever hold a special place in your heart. In fact, 86% of our guests are returns!

  • Open: June - Sept

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DEN)

  • Min Stay: 6 Nights (May-Aug), 3 Nights (Sept)

  • Capacity: 40

Cherokee Park Ranch - Colorado

Horseback view at Sundance Trail in Colorado

Sundance Trail Guest Ranch

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

Sundance Trail is the smallest guest ranch in the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association. Their smaller size allows them to be relaxed, flexible, and truly connect with all guests who visit.

  • Open: Year Round

  • Nearby Airport: Denver International (DEN)

  • Min Stay: 4 Nights (Summer), 1 Night (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • Capacity: 24

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